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It should be made illegal for

It should be made "illegal" for any government employee in their capacity as a government employee to misrepresent themselves as a member of the public, rather then identifying themselves as an employee trying to justify the actions of their employer over job security, and a misguided attempt to create the rules as they go along instead of understanding and following the constitution, bill of rights......these guys never think that they'll be treated the way your forefathers feared, because they are not gonna be the victims, they will be the tools of tyrrany......and they do not realise that the good they think they are doing, is the very thing that is warned about.......PEOPLE WILL NOT BOW DOWN, you WILL push them to far one day, and then you'll be wishing you had listened, and done things differently, oh i know how a statement like that would probably piss folks like that off......i see your anger, and fucking return it, REALISE what you are doing, before it is to late for us all

Understand our rights, RESPECT our rights