Comment: Of Course You Don't Agree

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Of Course You Don't Agree

But that doesn't make it so.
You're not a libertarian, if you were you wouldn't constantly show such strong support for stealing other people's money and giving it away to others. I hope it is becoming clearer to people here that you are nothing more than an Israeli agent and that your presence here is a good indication that Israel and AIPAC are having to put forth much more effort into getting what they want. Every day more people are learning the facts, and the more facts people know, the more difficult it will be for AIPAC to continue swindling the American people.

I do give Granger credit for being dedicated in her efforts of deception. If we all show just half as much dedication in spreading the truth and protecting our finances and liberty, we will succeed.

I hope some of you will be aggressive in sharing the websites that I have posted, along with the videos of Ms. Weir, and continue making people aware of the U.S.S. Liberty and the other crimes against the American people, such as spying by Jonathan Pollards, that Israel continues to carries out. What exactly those things may be, I'm not certain, but I assure you that even during their sleep, they don't stop thinking of ways to screw us over and make what is yours, theirs. And if you're going to be big enough dummies to sit back and let that happen, and it will happen if you do, then you don't deserve any better. Don't be a bunch of naïve idiots--stand up and defend yourselves!!!