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Comment: I smoked for over 45 years!

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I smoked for over 45 years!

I quit Oct 13th 2011 at 6PM and not one cigarette since. I didn't have a "last" cigarette. I quit in the middle of a pack in the middle of a carton. I kept the carton in a drawer for a year or so and finally threw it away. What happened 10/13/11? I took my first drag on an electric cigarette and liked it, on my second drag I said to myself "I will never have to smoke another cigarette again", and I didn't.

Telling others, as you are doing, does help. I waited until Christmas that year and told my family and announced on Facebook "Merry Christmas, I have quit smoking!"

It wasn't easy. I still wanted a cigarette, but every time I did I would puff away on the Green Smoke cig., which was continuously at first. I was using cigs with nicotine, at first, and puffing all the time would give me too much nicotine, so I got some with no nicotine and only used the nicotine ones every 10 minutes.

There were 4 different levels of nicotine. I worked my way down. I don't recall how long, but it was over 6 months before I was nicotine free and over a year before I completely stopped wanting to puff on those cigarettes.

Non smokers can be so irritating. Even when I was vaping zero nicotine cigs, they would get after me and tell me I didn't need those. Ignore them, smoke all you want, zero nicotine electric cigs are harmless.

I'm not sure when it happened, but I gradually used the cig less and less until I wasn't using them at all. I would leave home and forget to take one with me. Now I don't use them at all because I don't want a cigarette. Oh, once in a while, like if I go fishing, or sitting on the beach watching the fireworks with the guy beside me smoking a cigarette, I think "sure would be nice to have a Green Smoke right now!" but I never have them with me, and the feeling passes.

E cigs cost about one third as much as smoking real cigs. You start saving money the first day. You rob the government of all those taxes they put on cigarettes. Big Pharma will also not want you to quit. They will try to get you to use their non working, harmful, stop smoking aides. Big tobacco doesn't want you to quit either. They have made it illegal for e cig companies to advertise as a stop smoking devise. I'm not affiliated with an e cig company, so I can tell you the truth!

I recommend Green Smoke brand for the best taste, the most natural looking and feeling smoke, and the easiest to use.

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