Comment: My family dates back to colonial times..

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My family dates back to colonial times..

Concord, NH. (didja get that NSA?)

My Nana was a devout patriot. Instilled it into me. That being said.. my favorite part of this article was this:

A fifer in a Connecticut regiment that raced toward West Point to protect it from an impending attack.
He also participated in a skirmish with enemy 'Cow Boys' at the border of a lawless region called the Neutral Ground (most of Westchester County, New York, and the southwestern corner of Connecticut).
In the early years of the nineteenth century, he helped organize a religiously-oriented land company that headed into the wilderness of what was then the West.
They settled Granville, Ohio, where he was the township treasurer and a deacon of his church.
His daguerreotype shows him holding a large book, most likely a Bible.

I live next to Granville. My daughter will be getting a history lesson about this fella. So darn cool!!! Thank you for posting this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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