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You couldn't pay me to be a libertarian.

I was a libertarian from 76- 93 and I don't miss that BS go nowhere crappy paranoid group of losers in any way, shape or form.

To be a Libertarian is to be a political loser under control of the GOP. Who will your next GOP presidential candidate be?

Stealing others money? If you are refering to the money given to Israel, Israel returned over $6 billion for Americans investment. I bet you have NO idea how many products you have that are made in Israel.. got Tech? Israel. The best medical equipment is coming from Israel. New energy is coming from Israel.. business ideas are coming from Israel. Israel is not into the sustainable BS.. Israel is about THRIVING, advancing the human race.

You hope it is becomming clear that I am an Israeli agent? I wish I was an Israeli agent. The truth is I'm not smart enough to pass the simple exams.. I don't speak Hebrew, and I'm trying to learn, but I have a diffcult time enough with English, which my atrocious spelling makes evident.. Israel isn't looking for wannabes like me, they are looking for brilliant people, and they pay well.. adverage job earns $89K and more in the states.. and that's not government welfare, that os because Israel KNOWS how to make a profit and believes in sharing the wealth. Their CEOs are not bilking the workers. It's not that Israel isn't charitable, they have more charities and volunteer opportunities than any country on Earth, including America.. but to THRIVE, my learning curve is below their need. I wish that was not true. I would LOVE to work for Israel.

I do intend on going to Israel. There are many thing I want to see and do. Israel is a "Disneyland" for genius.. I'll probly be thrilled with the A ticket, and can watch the E ticket from the outside.. but really.. I wish I had what it takes to work with Israel. It's an AMAZING place with AMAZING people who don't knock each other down,. but work together as indiviuals to build each other and their country up. Apathy has no room in Israel.

I have always avoided AIPAC being I bought the AIPAC is not good.. but I was WRONG. I checked out AIPAC and I like AIPAC now. AIPAC is RIGHT ON fighting racism. What's your beef with AIPAC?

What finances in the name of a collective "we" are you thinking you're going to protect? The USA is in deep debt because it's killed it's work force, education system, creating a nation of dependents and apatheic people who don't even show up to the polls let alone get involved politicaly. It's become a nation of people who fear and hate their own government, refuse to work, think they are entitled to hand outs they are dependent, and look to BLAME everyone but themselves. You are a perfect example.

America is a victim of Israel? That is a lie.

I am happy you are in the Libertarian Party, because you are a perfect example of why the party of losers will continue to lose. Instead of taking responsibility, you blame others. That's what losers do. And when you're not busy blaming, you're right about sitting back and DOING NOTHING (but whinning and blaming, cursing and being very afraid). Isn't that why you're in the Libertarian Party? You can be in the Libertarian Party and DO NOTHING.. it's an empty soap box, and if you really had some sense, some truth about you, some GUTS, you would get in a major party because that is who has the power and ability to actually CHANGE what you don't like.

Well, must be time to for you and your Libertarian pals to light up another joint and gloat about getting high, because that high is about as high as you will ever get in life. Then you can come back down and BLAME anyone else who has better things to do than get high and think you're going to build a political party that has the brains to beat Israel in advancing the human race in science, technology, the arts, and so on.

Puff away..