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Comment: found this very relevant comment. thanks for the link.

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found this very relevant comment. thanks for the link.

Dan said (July 3, 2013):

I look at family photos from the 19th century and it's plain that even the 'nuclear family' was part of a hundred year process of dismantling family. Families large - minimum six children and nine wasn't uncommon. But what we do not know is the family wasn't 'nuclear'. Family extended to aunts and uncles, and cousins and all the grandparents. Families flourished in home towns for generations, even centuries.

With a century of gradual steps:

1. Sending men overseas to fight two world wars, a year of two at the most impressionable age living in an unnatural all-male military 'brotherhood' - whose tradition was to introduce young men to their first sexual experience with whores in bars. Exposure to the homosexual subculture that's always been a parasite on the military.\

2. Luring the youth off the farms to big cities, through movies and 'education', and the WPA and New Deal projects whose real purpose was to separate youth from clans, to disintegrate the 'kin' system.

3. Movie and media emphasis on emotional 'romance' and sex attraction.

4. Disintegration of Christian formation of youth. That depended upon kin an clan reinforcement far more than churches or the Boy Scouts and YMCA.

And these things were only the prelude to the the Kinsey Report, Playboy, pornography, and 'sex-drugs-rock'n'roll', feminism, the 'pill' and the sex 'revolution'.

People think it happened after 1950, but the damage was already done during the first 50 years of the century, by uprooting people from home town.

I grew up in a Presbyterian church near a naval air station. A family was a married couple with 1 to 3 kids, no relatives within 500 miles.

Nobody was 'from here'. The power of the churches was as the binding factor for villages of extended families with roots. Without that, pastors preached platitudes and focused on fundraiser parties to keep the money coming in from a transient congregation that didn't love each other. Formation of awareness of the Sacred needs living examples - it can't simply be taught in a class or a sermon.

Few Americans got any serious formation for marriage at all. It became an option, a hedge, a toy. The Boomers had no formation at all. I remember in 1970 everybody thought marriage was about sex and if you weren't wanting children right now there was no need for it. Girls quit bothering to 'save it for marriage'.
Boys just wanted to 'get some'.

That's why the majority of people are being conned into thinking marriage is about whether two human beings like to fuck each other and live the same 'lifestyle'. Marital promiscuity is 'okay' as long as it's mutually 'consensual'. So two bull fruits that shack up together and mutually like to cruise together to bring home strangers qualifies as a valid 'marriage'.

I can no longer have a conversation with people that think that way. I learned too late in life what it means that marriage is a sacrament, and people have no idea what that means.
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