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Above poster is right for the

Above poster is right for the wrong reasons.

State power grows when loyalties to institutions other than the state are undermined.

Morality is rooted in a sense of obligation, usually to family and community.

Undermine families and communities and you take away much incentive individuals have to behave according to certain stabilizing codes.

The result is indeed people doing whatever "feels good" in the moment rather than what produces the best long-term results.

High divorce rates, high rates of promiscuity and unfaithfulness, diminished instances of fathers fulfilling their roles, narcissism, laziness, etc., all result from people lacking the character to do what will produce the best results for their families and communities.

The ultimate outcome is many, many people who have no support systems, materially or psychologically, other than the state, and they therefore allow state agendas to define their worldviews and moral standards.