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Because you said so?

I gave you THE State Department on US ALL Foreign Aid (The UN takes the cake BTW) pdf and the page numbers where to look to save you time. What have you got but a racist organization that is listed in the top ten of HATE organizations in the USA? NOTHING

You say that you "just let people read and decide for themselves"? That is a lie.. You are all over DP posting HATE over Israel and your HATE blog.. I give you proof from The US State Department with page number and you can't refute it, I bet you didn't even look, because it is NOT truth you seek or share, but HATE. Blame and HATE.

Yep. Israel has plenty of MONEY MONEY MONEY.. Poor USA invests in Israel which it actually get a return in BILLIONS and you moan about that? Israel delivers, yet too many are too STUPID to profit off it for themselves and rather BLAME AND HATE. No wonder you're poor.

There is NO swindle by Israel.. Israel is making superior products because they are INVESTING in people who can THINK and PRODUCE while America invests in people who believe they are entitled to something for nothing (you're a perfect example).