Comment: Extremely unlikely that 3/4 of the states wanted shackles!

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Extremely unlikely that 3/4 of the states wanted shackles!

Simple: Nullify. Did 3/4 of the states really rally for federal income tax? Was there popular uprising begging for an income tax? No new taxing authority granted (see Supreme Court decisions).

Perhaps no stae wanted to give up their state legislature representation in the USA Senate. The Constitutional method of sending two state representatives by each state legislature is still present. Never redacted. No power was stripped.

Additional power was pretended... "Deemed as Passed." 1913. Even the US Supreme Court doubted their constitutionality.

Search of state archives shows clear unequivocal evidence these amendments "Deemed as Passed" without ratification of the proposed amendments by 3/4 of the states. Pending court cases have been stalled in USA federal courts for years. Simple review of state legislature calendars would show that these amendments are "Law that never was."

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