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Libya was not a "dictatorship" in the traditional sense, and Momar Gaddafi was not the evil rogue portrayed by Western propaganda.

If fact, he was a hero. Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar Plan and Libya’s Public Central Bank would have changed the whole monetary system, and freed all of Africa from the Private Central Bank System. Ultimately, it might possibly have freed the NATO host nations from their own parasites – Vampire Private Rothschilds Central Banks.

Gaddafi’s courage and pioneering efforts in trying to restore national sovereignty and making the government responsible to the people instead of to the Global Banking Elites is the reason why he was targeted and killed.

NATO terrorist attacks did not get the Western nations out of debt – only an honest Public Central Bank – like the attempted Bank of Libya – would.

And naturally, with Gaddafi now out-of-the-way, the IMF and The World Bank then moved in to Libya, and reestablished their total control and dominance there. And (black man) Obama was the ringleader in the effort to reassert the impoverishment of Africa.

The only way for a Country to be Sovereign is to have sovereign control of its money.

With Saddam Hussein, he was moving away from the Petro-Dollar. So as result, his regime could no longer be tolerated.

Iran is a marked Country, and unfortunately they have no ability to protect themselves against phony propaganda about "nuclear weapons". Nobody ever points out (except Ron Paul), that Israel has 200 nuclear weapons and Iran has zero.

I would like to see Latin American Countries break free from Central Bank control (the "snowden friendly" countries). They seem to be the only places left that might be willing to defy Western Imperial demands and oppression.