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Didn't plan on a reply

but I will...
I agree that there has been some slurs back and forth over the past few years - I'm not going to go digging in the past to see WHO actually began the slinging as that would be near impossible. Though others have participated occasionally, I have noticed your frequent comments on this thread are almost always negative as though that is your only purpose for commenting. At least the others actually post info without some dig at those with whom they disagree.

Your philosophy of "two wrongs make a right" is again one of immaturity about life.

Perhaps you should take the higher ground. You are intelligent on the topic and savvy enough to voice your opinions without being rude. If you are correct in your analysis, people on the DP are bright enough to "notice" such without your "bragging" about it or chiding others.
Try it.
You'll be more respected and people will be more willing to listen. That is your goal, right? To help and inform others?