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More lies

Organ trafficing is illegal in Israel since 2008 and is monitored.

The right thing would be to take Israel's lead and compete so we too may advance the human race rather than fall back further than we already have.

Actually, we are NOT Israel's responsibility. Israel is so far ahead of us in technology, Intel, engineering, agriculture, education, arts and freedom for it's citizens, that America is fast becoming a third world country dependent on it's own government it hates. It has become dependent on duel citizens to take offices because Americans REFUSE to get involved on even the lowest levels.

Who hates us? Name the countries that HATE us.

YOU sit back, push HATE, and a political party that has been INFILTRAITED and is controlled. How many Republicans do you need to nominate as president to wake up?

What guilt?

I'm not sitting back. I'm very involved in local politics. What are you doing? Do you even go to Libertarian committee meetings? Do they have any? Don't answer, I don't want you to embarrass yourself by proving that you tell others what to do that you won't do yourself.