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The Power Elite, and Wall Street, (and The European Union overseas), are the ones who want the social safety net to go away. Why do you think both George Bush and Butt-boy Obama have tried to kill it?. That's their agenda.

Now Bill Clinton and Al Gore wanted to save it. Clinton got impeached, and Gore had the election stolen out right from under him. Kennedy, who proposed & advocated for Medicare as a logical extension of the social security program, was killed. And FDR was subject to a coup d'etat attempt. The globalists did not like these people, and have worked to undermine these programs (as well as get them personally).

Now, there is no Country on the planet (other than 3rd-World) that does not have some sort of social safety net. The United States has one of very the weakest in the World, but what little exists does indeed prevent mass poverty in this Country.

You see, the very best educated Countries, are those where college education is free (or virtually free). The United States is NOT one of the best educated Countries.

The best Health Care outcomes, longevity, and child mortality rates are in Countries where Health Care is free (or virtually free). The United States is NOT one of the best Health Care Countries. In fact, it is the only place on earth where 50,000 people die each year of treatable diseases because the Corporate Controlled FOR-PROFIT Health Care is just way too expensive, serves only Insurance Company profits and NOT the patient, and is too far out of reach.

No it is NOT the few and meager programs for the poor that have Bankrupted this Country. That is rich man's propaganda.

It is the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars that we waste away overseas on mass-murder, Wars, and Imperialism, and the TRILLIONS paid out unnecessarily to Big fraudulent Banks, and RICH GREEDY CORPORATIONS, and the Top 1% superclass -- this is where the real corruption and real debt comes from (as well as from our debt-based, predatory Banking system itself).

My parents would have been reduced to abject poverty without social security. And so will I, as there is no possible way to save enough money to pay housing, food, utility, medical costs for 30 years. Few people are rich enough to do that. Only a rich person would ever be so thoughtless as to want this to be removed altogether.

It would be totally stupid to follow the global bankers and gut social security. That would produce only mass poverty, and we would still have Trillions of dollars of debt because of our globalist, imperialist policies and policies based on Corporate Corruption.

Fight the 1% they're the problem and always have been .. Not the damn poor