Comment: Lindsey has good insight

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Lindsey has good insight

Even though he's not always 100% correct.

Here's the lowdown since he so long winded.

The elites method of creating debt will include going after retirement accounts in the US. Creating more economic collapse and wealth confiscation similar to Cyprus, but different in every country, watch for events in New Zealand, Japan, Canada etc.

shows the 2013 page of Canada's budget showing how this document includes wording that allows for Canada to seize funds from citizens bank accounts, like Cyprus.

They want to steal wealth from the wealthy underclass below the elite.

He talks about 1.5-2 years time frame for a total collapse of currencies so that they can offer a gold back world currency and NWO constitution.

he says get your wealth out of paper. get into tangibles.

He says that the next banking crisis in America there will be no bailouts, it will be a total collapse.

He says that face book an twitter are used for psychoanalysis of you.
why give all your information to the elite.

Also says the derivatives market was designed for the purpose of taking down all the worlds currencies at the same time, so that the elite can offer a new world currency as the solution.

Other points made if you can listen to his long talk.

Too bad the elite cannot plan for the celestial event that will come that will put an end to all their plans, and to many life's of those unprepared. "All that is" has had enough of their rigged game.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon