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How do you mean "negative"?

How do you mean "negative"? Do you mean my post are almost always in opposition to the overwhelmingly bullish sentiment on this thread? That would be true, I'm bearish on metals, have been for the last 2 years. I continue to be such.

Or do you mean "negative" as in insulting? I go back 4 pages to find the last insulting comment I made, it was in response to:

"I'm sorry you have a perversion for US dollars. I'm not sure if there is a cure for that disease, but I do recommend you try as many government vaccines as possible."

Prior to this comment I was merely refuting JohnC's claim that despite paper silver falling, that physical silver would not fall below $30, which it had already done. His response had NOTHING to do with the argument at hand. Zero. It was because I was right, and an insult that had nothing to do with the argument instead of admission that he was wrong.

Many times myself, RIFR and others have made rude comments on this thread, IN RESPONSE to rude actions. Often similar comments, such as your's, have followed; that we are rude, immature, ect ect. But never, when others FIRST make rude comments toward us, does anyone ever suggest that those comments are rude, immature, ect, ect. In fact those comments get voted up.

More respected??? Willing to listen??? What a joke. And btw, I enjoy reading RIFR's comments directed and he who's name shall not be written. I have enjoyed all the bullish post from hwnsnbw while the prices continues to slide. I've particularly enjoyed the comments about "prechterites" and the "prechter cult", and thinking of a phrase Prechter uses, and how it relates directly to hwnsnbw. "Sliding down a slope of hope".

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