Comment: I am not defending the state

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I am not defending the state

What are you using as legal tender? Many people use plastic. FRNs are not what they once were, and since money is debt, most folks are actually living in debt and FRNs are used for small transactions.

ALL of us were born into the central banking system we have, so to blame people for using a system you yourself use is not making your point.

Do you have a solution? I'm not opposed to going to a gold/silver (or even a plutonium based banking system with plastic as the means of transaction).

If it pleases you to get into the details, please be my guest. While you're at it maybe you can show us a comparison to black market/illegal drugs trade assualt, slavery, murder, corruption, kiddnapping and much much more?

When I said that KINGDOMs emply marriage to PROTECT THE HEIR, I was not limiting the contrawct to the state. Though my personal experience, having to employ attorneys that passed bars in more than ONE state, where the will is filed is where the litigation proceeds.. but if you know more.. PLEASE SHARE!!!

I do not believe the state will protect me.. I'm saying that with a MARRIAGE THE SPOUCE has RIGHTS to protect you from the state.

Nature does not dictate that we are on our own, otherwise we could be like earthworms and procreate without a partner.