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Such a disgrace for We The People, to hear about a self-proclaimed FOREIGN socialist president "offering" his so-called humanitarian asylum to an American citizen who had to flee away from the American version of the socialist deception operating from D.C.

Socialists are your new Supermen, people.

They OWN you.

They OWN me.

They OWN this system of things.

It's factual. We can just look out of our windows.

Nothing but crowds begging for more policies by and for their RULERS' sake.

In exchange for more cheap Bread, and more expensive Circuses.

Now, may I ask?

Of what crime Edward Snowden has been convicted?

When was due process followed?

Why does he even have to hide?

I am ashamed for this country's people representatives, just after mine.

What will it take for the people to go after the actual criminals dwelling, roaming, and ruling over them, those traitors making fun of us all, and of the rule of law, while spitting, vomitting, craping over YOUR Bill of Rights?


The view of this makes me sick.

R.I.P, Justice.

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