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So what you are saying Bill

Is that the law is your “ruler” (your words not my) and if you choose to break it you are accepting the consequences? So your ethics are defined by the laws. But if your neighbor had a hot daughter that was 18 years old you would do her because is it legal, even though it would be immoral (depending on your age and hers). So the only standard of your character is the laws which other men make acceptable and you still get to choose which ones you follow. If you saw money flying out of an armored car, would you pick it up to return it or keep it? Would you assist someone that had been beaten; you know there are Good Samaritan Laws? Would you offer your neighbor a place to stay after a fire? This is volunteerism. Would you like to live there…..because you can’t write enough laws to create this place……but millions of us do live there and it’s not because of any law…..we have to have laws from people that think like this “as far as my 'ruler,' i follow the law except where i know i can get away with it”

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"