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There are only ~1.4 trillion

There are only ~1.4 trillion dollars in circulation. Considering their worldwide demand, and their scarcity in relation to that demand, you are absolutely correct. In a credit collapse holding physical dollars would mean the difference, not only between starving or eating, but buying things like, oh, silver or gold for penny's on the dollar from people who are trying to prevent losing their homes. People who put all their spare change in metals, when their bank accounts are wiped out, will turn to their metals to pay their necessaries. They may be able to barter some things with metal, but most things will require dollars. During an extreme credit collapse those dollar credits, often referred to as "digital currency", will be wiped out. The remaining dollars will be those printed on paper, with a unique serial number on each one. EVERYTHING else is a dollar CREDIT.

Studying historical hyperinflationary events, there is ALWAYS a credit collapse (deflation) that precedes hyperinflation. It is during this credit collapse that physical dollars, which there is currently a tremendous shortage of, gain tremendous value. Near the bottom of the credit collapse is when to trade your dollars for metal, as at the bottom is when government will likely begin printing all those pieces of paper that are in short supply, making them ALL worthless.

Its a long way till time to trade paper for metal...

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