Comment: Why? It is the Why that matters

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Why? It is the Why that matters

There were supposed to be 7 battleships worth of gold in the basement of world trade center #7.
The Federal Reserve has been holding it for safekeeping for Taiwans government since 1938.
The Fed was supposed to return it in 1998 but didn't. Taiwan sued.
The world court in the Hague ordered it returned to Taiwan by you guessed it 9/11/2001.
Obviously the gold hasn't been returned.
We are talking about 120,000 metric tons from the Battleship shipment plus there were bombers that flew out of China in 1948 ahead of Mao's advance.
The 120 alone is nearly as much as the world's declared central bank reserves.


The Why?

Follow the money.
Money in the basement.
Money for war.
Double insurance money.
Money from oil.
Money from 1 trillion in Afghan rare Earth minerals.
Money money money


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