Comment: All U.S. Police are Military

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All U.S. Police are Military

United States is under the Emergency Banking Act and War Powers. It is in a State of chapter 11 Bankruptcy (since 1933) organization and is currently being involuntarily liquidated by its creditors one by one. United States operates under Martial Law rule and has since March 25 1861. Martial Law rule is different from Martial Law in that the tanks are parked outside the cities not rolling in the streets. Iraq has moved from Martial Law to martial law rule recently.
After Reconstruction in America they just parked the cavalry outside the cities but never lifted martial law rule from the courts.
Now you are seeing the armored cavalry move back into the cities slowly so as not to cause alarm.
This is in preparation for the liquidation phase.

It is all banking. Chapter 13 is next for United States Corp. they have no choice once the new currency accords go into effect and they cannot export U.S. currency anymore.

All the COPS are military officers operating under a Letter of Marque to collect re-venue to pay the unpayable debt.
They collect it from Enemies of the State defined as U.S. citizens engaged in a monetary transaction within the United States.
Straight out of their declaration of War, Trading with the enemy act 1933.

This isn't new, only escalating.
Perhaps nowadays you don't want to be a U.S. citizen engaged in a monetary transaction?

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