Comment: Without the 16th and 17th,

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Without the 16th and 17th,

the Feds have the option of apportioning taxes among the States. With the States truly represented in the Senate, how long do you think the money-go-round from the States to the Feds, then back to the States with strings would last? It would cease, and all the excessive funding of the Feds, the root of most of our problems, would likewise, cease. I think it is the first and most important step in order to remove the collectivist shackles. Doing so would also cause the Fed to be put back in it's box, if not cause it to die on the vine. Those three Wilsonian "achievements" work in concert to destroy our Republic, creating a Nation State, rather than a Nation of States. I don't see how any other initiative, short of repealing those two assaults on liberty, really have a chance of working.

Undo what Wilson did