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The tender I use is irrelevant

I have not voluntarily (or involuntarily) signed the Constitutional contract to be in capacity of the State to only use gold/silver coin as tender. The men and women who voluntarily signed the contract to be obliged to the prohibitions of gold/silver coin are the ones who are bound. I can use whatever tender I please because I am not under any bound prohibitions of the Constitutional contract; the bureaucrats are! The contract says No State shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in the payment of debts. Those men and women in the capacity of their oath are the ones who make up the State and are the ones bound by the prohibitions. The contract does not say People it says "State". Bureaucrats saying what you are saying is like saying your contract says you are to be paid $500,000 per year so that means I am supposed to get paid the same. The logic fails. One's contractual obligations cannot be converted to be the obligations of another who is not a party to the obligations defined in their contract.

So yes it does prove my point. Contracts are applicable to those who claim the obligations of the valid contract. Bureaucrats wish to point to the activities of others when they are the ones who are in breach of duty. Those who breach their duty of their valid contracts are the ones who cannot be trusted.

So when it comes to the State using lawful tender the solution is simple; if you signed up for the contract to act under the capacity of the State then OBEY YOUR CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS! I don't want to hear excuses. The contractual terms are perfectly clear. Obey the contract or you are in breach of that duty.

I do have many possible alternative solutions for modifying the contract for alternative forms of tender but these are too deep for here. It seems clear that no one wants to hear these solutions. One simple solution is to keep the same FRNs we have now but just change the ledger entry for where the source of currency is from. Instead of the bank being in the ledger entry for credit (debt owed to) make this ledger entry individuals. Fractionally reserve from individuals and let the individuals be the decider of who they loan to and make the interest of the fractional reserve portion created be taxes to fund government operations so that we can eliminate income taxes and all the stupid violations of the 4th/5th amendments and extreme inefficiencies associated with tax collections. Also destroy the fractionally created portion that has been paid back. The more successful loans the more tax revenues to fund government infrastructure and operations. This is a really simple solution that would not have any disruptions but again Americans are too stupid to do such a thing. Americans seem to only want destruction of their own well being.

You said: "While you're at it maybe you can show us a comparison to black market/illegal drugs trade assualt, slavery, murder, corruption, kiddnapping and much much more?"

Not sure what you want a comparison to. Crime is crime no matter who is committing the crime. All men (men means men and women because law is written in the masculine form) are created equal remember? The level of murder by men/women claiming to be the state/fed is so egregiously enormous at this point that it can only be called genocide at this point. Literally 100s of millions murdered since the end of WWII.

As far as protecting the right of heirs there are literally infinite ways to perform such a task but it depends on how your current situation is configured. When it comes to land you must have allotial title to truly pass on the land to heirs but American people are so stupid in general at this point that they do not even know what this means and criminal bureaucrats have committed fraud to deceive people from their rightful allotial title of land in exchange for deeds of "real estate". It is all about consent of the governed and the people have consented to their own destruction so now the options are limited for real property until we demand all contracts be obeyed and those in capacity of the state either obey the contracts or are removed from capacity within the State.

The only thing that will protect us from the state is the State being so scared of the people that they do not do anything outside their contractual duties. When the government fears the people there is liberty. Liberty is property and the governments only job is to protect liberty not take it away.

Nature does dictate we are on our own. If you can show me how you have control over anything outside of your own body I would really like to see that. This fact is self-evident even though many do not want to believe such a truth. Assistance, cooperation, etc. yes. Control no.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...