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oh I don't rely on who others put on my ballot

In Oregon we can vote for whoever we want.....and I do!

Winning as in having an effect in changing the minds of people I speak with. Opening people's eyes to things they have not considered. Being a catalyst for change. I have been doing it all my life and I know I have made a difference. In 15 years things will be different again because of a lot of work by a lot of people.

You can win elections but that doesn't necessarily change anything. It is the hearts and minds of the people that have to change. When I was working against anti-gay ballot measures in Oregon 20+ years ago, I told them the same thing. Winning this election won't actually change anything. People's attitudes aren't going to change overnight. Sure we had "politically correct" people running around pretending to be a certain way, but they weren't really. But now, things have changed. The attitudes are dramatically different than 20+ years ago.

trade your vote if you want. I would hope you could find a better way to change the system instead. But, that is me...not you. I will still encourage you to not become one of those people and change the system nobody has to give up their own vote.