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Import tariffs...

were used to cover the cost of customs and the operation of the federal government. The tariffs were not intended for protectionist purposes. As well, the cost of government was very small in those days because the government stayed mostly true to its original mandate of existing to secure the rights of the inhabitants.

Here is a chart the plots the budget as a percentage of GDP as a function of time. I couldn't find one that went back pre-1900. But, as you can see, the government operated on less than 10% of GDP at the turn of the previous century.

By the way, why didn't you provide a link from where you copy and pasted your response from? How many other times have you copy and pasted a response without proper credit to the source?

Anyway, notice your sentence:

The Republicans, however, made high tariffs the centerpiece of their economic policy beginning in 1861.

Lincoln was the first third party president - a Republican. He was elected in 1860. Subsequently Republicans moved to use tariffs as protection for US industries - as indicated by your copy and paste.

Here is the link to credit your source: