Comment: How Indeed Did Building 7 Fall?

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How Indeed Did Building 7 Fall?

Do you think context is important? The footage used in the above video crops out a large portion of the collapse. An honest account would have to include video of the whole collapse sequence. The initiation of collapse starts a full 9 seconds before these clips start. See here:

Watch the floors under the east penthouse as it collapses. There is massive complex internal damage that is visibly propagating through the building before the clips used in the ad starts. After understanding this, have a look at the NIST model to see how it actually models the action of the building much better than those that claim that “all supports failed simultaneously”. After viewing the above video you have to admit that all supports clearly did not fail simultaneously.
(this is a wireframe model of the internal structure, not of the external shell. The external facade is what David Chandler used in his freefall analysis. But as you can clearly see in the first video, it is more complex than this.)

Finally, if you care enough to actually be reading this thread, consider actually reading the NIST report on building 7. You would learn, among other things, that the entire building was suspended in a gigantic truss system over the Con Edison substation. They go into detail about what that actually means as far as progressive collapse. This was not a normal building. It is amazing that “Architects and Engineers” never go into details about the actual architecture and engineering of the building.