Comment: Oh, but tiny little war-torn Israel is?

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Oh, but tiny little war-torn Israel is?

I guess the Jews orchestrated the Nazi holocaust, too, since they run everything?

Or that just never happened, and the Holocaust was a complete and total farce...So the Jews could magically bring forth the all-powerful, all-encompassing State of Israel!???

How does that fit in with the NWO & UN...? and the fact the UN has been consistently ANTI-ISRAEL and relatively pro-Palestine?

The USA has also served to control Israel, as their proxy in the East?

Is this all part of the plan?! Yes.

But not "the JEWS" plans. Israel is being used by the world's elite however to create conflict, which generates wealth for the global MIC. Do they have partners in Israel?! Of course! They have partners EVERYWHERE!!! But it does not serve the nation of Israel or the Jewish people...

It serves the NWO...

But go ahead, blame Israel... that's what is fueling the conflict... gotta kill those damn Jews right??... Your people are being played like everyone else and are blowing themselves up for the Profit of the Global Elite... and the Global Elite have no god but Satan...

If you know the Bible, those who curse Israel lose.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?