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Based on your inflammatory

Based on your inflammatory anti-gay posts, you seem to think that all gays and lesbians are deviants who think with their genitals and by their very nature could easily sexually abuse or otherwise destroy the lives of children, am I right?

I'm sure you do realize that many cases of child abuse, sexual and otherwise, and broken families, can be found in the heterosexual world as well, right?

So, to what do you attribute those cases of child abuse carried out by heterosexuals? Do you attribute these acts to latent homosexual tendencies?

I'm just trying to understand your thinking, because you seem to think that finding cases of bad behavior practiced by homosexuals indicts all homosexuals, but you haven't been trying to make the same argument about heterosexuals.

You just might want to consider the possibility, however remote it may seem to you, that regardless of one's sexual preference, if one lives solely for sexual gratification that person can wreck lives, and that not all homosexuals live solely for sexual gratification.

I know, that's a mind blower, but just think about it, it just might be true.

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