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Comment: Just to mention I dont think Edward is still one of their assets

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Just to mention I dont think Edward is still one of their assets

Just to mention I don't think Edward is still one of their assets being played with. I believe he really is genuine in this terrible situation he eventually decided to sacrifice his basic freedoms for, knowing the kind of men who are in charge, wanna-be almighty over all of us.

Beyond Ron Paul's, the most touching opinion about him and his stand that I found joining my own sentiment so far is Ray McGovern's:

Beyond the mere telling of guts, when I listened really carefully for the third time to his breakthrough interview [ ], I paid special attention to the rhetoric he, no doubts, had prepared at minima before meeting the interviewers.

I cannot imagine any of today's intelligence agencies preparing anything like this. It's just so too contrariwise to the classic fallacies and strawmen they usually prepare for their psy-ops targeting the dumbed down MSM-brainwashed masses.

It is just too much "elaborated" and most importantly: way TOO MUCH putting the value in individual rights and liberties of each and every one from the people(s) above the "good intent of the state". That'be just too much sophisticated for them to try debase it afterwards; and for what would-be audience, anyway?

So, AFAICT, when you listen really attentively on how he LOGICALLY, non-emotionally, develops his answers and how he deconstructs the UNAVOIDABLE moral hazards of allowing an over-reaching power grab of a government arbitrary over its people's freedoms, it's difficult not to be struck, IMO, by the similarity with the genuinely higher moral standards of Dr. Ron Paul himself and his own speeches.

I am 99.999% sure that not only Edward has been influenced by Dr. Ron Paul's decades-long stand and thinking, but has also purposely given us sly hints of this, that few beyond us can even recognize at this point.

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