Comment: Zionism = believing Israel has right to exist

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Zionism = believing Israel has right to exist

Do you think you have the right to exist? You should.

I am a Zionist. BOO!!! Did I scare you?

Does this mean I always side with Israeli government and all their policies? Of course not. Not anymore than me being a proud patriotic American means I side with everything our government does, because I don't. Not even close. But I support Israel existing...

There are lots of Muslim Nations. There are even Christian nations. Many argue and I am one of them that America is a Christian nation.

There is only one , very small, Jewish nation. Israel. And by the way it's one of the oldest nations on earth. The Torah and Israel are over 5000+ years old. The origins of ancient Judaism are untraceable, unknown. For all we know the origins of the Torah and Judaism are truly divine. Hence, the Abrahamic religions.
Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), was a Jewish Rabbi.
Show a little respect.

Islam is only roughly 1500 years old. Well in the bounds of known, recorded history of man. Islam is not divine, it's man-made, provably. And the Quran, makes no mention of Palestine of Israel, or Jerusalem, which they now claim is an sacred city to them. The Bible mentions Israel & Jerusalem hundreds of times and specifically, accurately describes it's borders.

As for the Rothschilds...
The Rothschilds are phony-Jews, Task-Masters, Cabalistic Satanists, engaging in dark magic from an ancient relic of the old pre-Judaic religions... It's essentially the dark side of the Craft, Masonry, which dates back to (and before) Hiram Abiff and King Solomon's Temple... There's a lot going on, try to keep up... and check your collectivism at the door... Or trust the Rothschilds word for it... Yeah, they're real G-d fearing Jews alright, sure.

"For the sake of the Remnant shall my people be Blessed"

"Those who bless Israel I will Bless, and those who curse Israel I will Curse."

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?