Comment: Zionism

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Zionism = Believing your nation has the right to steal the earnings of other nations and mass murder your "allies" via false flags to have their soldiers die fighting your battles because you believe others DO NOT have the right to exist.

"There are lots of Muslim Nations...There is only one, very small, Jewish nation. Israel."

Haha. What is this a contest? Are we distributing pizza here? Oh sorry. In that case murdering innocent children and hijacking other governments and stealing their money and soldiers to fight your battles is cool by me. How many nations are there for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I'm calling dibs on Mexico. Look out Amigos. We have "the right to exist."

"The Torah and Israel are over 5000+ years old."

Wow. I step out of the lunch line for 5 seconds and I lose my spot. Israel steps out for 1000s of years but still's got dibs. Impressive. Somebody sure likes themselves.