Comment: I apologize. You're right.

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I apologize. You're right.

At first I thought it was ACTIONS that defined a man. Like the 70 billion Obama gave Israel for iron dome. Or the thousands of American soldiers he continues to send to their deaths in these wars for Israel or the aid to Israel that continues and has increased on his watch or his refusal to investigate into the "conspiracy theories" that point to mossad's involvement into the murder of 3000 Americans on 911.

But you've reminded me it's not about actions. Silly me. It's about WORDS. Especially words flippantly thrown out once in a speech and then quickly retracted that coincidentally and conveniently gave Arab-haters like yourself something to point at and say, "Hey look everyone, America is not Israel's bitch. See! See!" And you've wasted no time utilizing that gem here have you? Yes let's focus on those words, shall we? I understand those words are so magical that Palestinians now play a recording of those words every time Israel showers them with white phosphorous, thereby turning it into jelly beans. Amazing stuff indeed those words.

Let's have a little lookie to remind ourselves how anti Israel Obama is.

Why do you hate Arabs so much? Why do you love when Americans die for Israel? Why do you want the money Americans earn to take care of their families stolen from them and handed to a terrorist state that murders brown kids?