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I'm not appealing to

I'm not appealing to authority. I'm appealing to your intelligence.

You care enough to wade into the lions den. Know what the lion says at least.

Protectionism is the easiest statist economic argument to pick apart there is. And yes you are making this argument by begging the question.

I linked you EIOL. It's short. Read it. You seem passionate. If you're as logical as you are passionate, you could be an asset for liberty.

Again if individual welfare, while well intentioned, weakens the individual, how can corporate welfare do otherwise?

It can't. It makes business dependent and weak.

I want strong American business. I assume you do too? Well your plan makes for GM's. I don't think it's your plan if you understood.

I'm assuming you are a patriot. I'm assuming you are intelligent. Read the damned short book I linked then tell me how it's wrong.

Or, as I hope, show me my assumptions are correct.