Comment: Oh so untrue

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Oh so untrue

If he is the pres of such a powerful country. Tel me. Exactly why.

He borrows his own countries sovereign curency instead of digitizing it himself.

Why if so powerful dont his nation have the power to create their own SOVEREIGN CURENCY?

If you dont know the ZIONIST JEWISH CENTRAL BANK, ROTHSCHILD, Federal Resererve Bank corp creates this nations curency. OH BUT NOT AS MONEY.

Its created out of thin air, digitized at the zionist keyboard, as a compounding national debt. Its created as a debt making each and every person that is claimed to be a citizen a FALSE DEBT SLAVE not to the nation but to the Owner of the private central bank corporation, Rothschild.

IzUnReal is a direct owned private country claimed by the Rothschild crime family. So lets put them both on a scale/

One is a slave nation USA the Rothwschilds own it as false debt slave masters, using claims of debt to justify every type of crime up to and including murder and mass murder, genocide.

The other is an invasion using a supremist group to genocide the existing population.

Neither have any power but the power allowed by the owner and false debt slave master.