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So let me ask you

Do you think your so called god has chosen you to be greater than me?

Are you god's chosen people?

Are those that are not of you god's unchosen, or NOT god's people

Are you more and others less

Did god put you here to be the master over all who are not born of your gang?

In my mind everything about your group is no different than any other supremist group. Your group has been practicing supremicy for a long time.

So you would respond that you do not personly practice supremist beliefs of your group so your ok.

Yet you claim to be a member.

Meybe you can help to set me straight. I have come to the understanding that your religious group has laid some claims that I do not agree with.

The reason that I do not agree. Every time a person gets the thinking that they are better than the next guy. They have an excuse to practice any immoral behaviour, lie cheat steal and murder. Like a person stepping on a cockroach. Hey its just a cockroach and I am a mighty human. What does it matter to lie steal or even murder somthing that is lesser than me. Thats always the basis for supremist beliefs. I just want to know who is the master and who are the slaves?