Comment: I Can Corroborate Remote Control

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I Can Corroborate Remote Control

With my own Snap-On Solus scan tool, I have the ability to control several systems in the newer vehicles, including throttle control, door locks, windows, lighting, and pretty much every device in the vehicle. Since I also have the European software upgrade, I can assure you that the Mercedes has far more nuanced electronics than the Ford Taurus that the U.of W. tech guys hacked into for their report (which i read in full).
Since my device is NOT intended to be used nefariously; but rather as a diagnostic tool, it is not only plausible, but probable, that Hastings' Mercedes WAS hacked with more advanced tech (which is obviously available).
ALSO, it was not JUST the engine that ended up down the street. If you look carefully, the fully-intact ENTIRE DRIVE-LINE including transmission and enclosed drive-shaft tube to the point where it is bolted to the differential is seen, substantially UNDAMAGED. This drive-train assembly is approximately 2/3 of the length of the vehicle.
Physical evidence indicates an assassination, and of that, I have no doubt.