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well if

you want a "life journey" alliance then have one, but the vast super majority of Americans call bulk s h I t on that and are for traditional marriage. The gay agenda has always been the breakdown of man and woman unions, marriage is just the first step. Has nothing to do with equal rights. Note: Men and woman are not the same, they are different, they are not equal, they will never be the same, they have different strengths and weaknesses, they have different natural abilities, women can give birth, men are stronger (well most men) they have different DNA makeups.

Gays are a genetic dead end, meaning they can't reproduce naturally together, they need help from the OPPOSITE sex wether naturally or artificially and even if they are cloned by the 2nd or 3rd generation clone they are turned into tards or self inbreds.

Should they have equal rights and equal protection under the law, absolutely. But they should not have special protections nor shoud they try to destroy the lives and pursuit of happiness of other values and people they disagree with.