Comment: Haha! I love your interviews

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Haha! I love your interviews

Haha! I love your interviews Jan...too bad you didnt get a chance to confront her with one of her votes that intentionally violated her supposed moral principals. A suggestion though....try to keep going through the interview and only try to clarify their stances AFTER you make your point. I am not certain of her voting record....but say she voted for sanctions on Iran. After clarifying that she is supposed to "love thy neighbor" maybe you should ask if thats the case why she voted for sanctions on Iran..and is she aware that sanctions starve innocent people that have nothing to do with their government's policies. Then ask if starving your neighbor is a loving act. Not to be critical....but these representatives could be forced to look into the mirror easier if they didnt feel like they were answering the same question repeatedly(I know and you know they didnt really answer to begin with....but in their heads they think they did). Anyway...I always enjoy your interviews.