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That's NOT how it works or has worked

The understanding you have come to is bigoted and erroneous.

Jews are people. They do not belong to one race, one culture, one mind set. There are orthodox, reform, and many "cults". Not all Jews are Kosher, or religious. Being BORN into a Jewish family can also mean, and it has moe often than not, means you are chosen to be damned and persecuted by others.

I know many Jewish people, askenazi, sephardi, farci, messianic, orthodox, reform, B'ani, Kabballahists.. none of them walk around saying, "WE ARE BETTER". From what I see, it is not better, but there is more suffering among Jews than any "group" who are constantly targetted since before the left Egypt.

The Jewish people escaped slavery from Eqypt and to this day, I don't know of a people on Earth that fight slavery more then they do. The poster is correct about the names he mentioned, and he could go further.. Ayn Rand, Milton Freidman, even Adam Kokesh.

Thank God they don't have to wear yellow stars..

Jews do NOT think they are better. What they do seem to have that others do not have is a DRIVE to THRIVE. Those against Jews have fallen for propeganda.

When you don't like a PEOPLE, you fail to see the indiviuals. If the Liberty Movement is FOR indivuals, who do so many act as collectivist and attack a people?