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I'm a perfect example of a non-Jewish Zionist

Some Orthodox, especially American born and Liberally trained and FOR a UN NWO don't belive Israel or any nation has a right to exist, but they especially like to attack Israel" LOOK AT ME, I'M JEWISH AND I DON'T THINK ISRAEL HAS A RIGHT TO EXIST.

Let's not forget, there were Jews who sold out Jews to Hitler.

There are more powerful anti-zionist running the world, and many are Jews by birth, but not by faith.

Obama is not Jewish and he's not doing Israel any favors.

The mere fact that Israel's supreme intel and military power could take him out at any time is proof Israel has a right to exist.

Hillary Cinton is NOT a perfect example BLACK MAILING Israel to do USA's bidding is NOT support for an INDEPENDENT AND FREE OF THE UN NWO ISRAEL