Comment: You have to keep grasping at that 'UN NWO' bs

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You have to keep grasping at that 'UN NWO' bs

because your allegiance to Israel has no other defense. There are not only two choices: wanting a 'UN NWO' or loving Israel. I hate supporting Israel I don't like the idea of the nation-state, and I definitely do not want a one World government. Israel, btw, would love a NWO, as long as they are the vanguard party. That is exactly what that State's agenda is. Have you not noticed their agenda of controlling the US, who is/was the so-called leader of the free World? Your arguments on this subject defy all evidence. Using ad-hominem attacks based on your lack of evidence is doubly offensive.

Now quit bashing Cirocco! She has a right to not like Israel and come here and post without you calling her names!! Do you wonder why new people don't stay? If you want anyone to have a different view of Israel, than get some facts and evidence. Your blind allegiance is definitely not helping your cause.