Comment: Incorrect Your racist crap stinks.

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Incorrect Your racist crap stinks.

My LOVE for Israel was NOT born of my opposition to a UN NWO, but for the amazing advances Israel is creating and establishing for the world in science, technology, engineering, the arts, agriculture and military expertise in weapons and tactics.

I have not noticed any Israeli agenda for controlling the USA BY Israel (but definately from conspiracy theiory whackos).

Israel focuses on Israel, and only because Israel is SUPERIOR in the above mentioned areas, do nations such as ours, desperatly seek intelligence and work ethics which enables Israel to thrive, while Americans seek ways to get MORE government help because they don't have a work ethic to save themselves, have become dependent on prison industrial complexes, and Communist China's products to SUSTAIN them in poverty.

Don't tell me who to bash or not. You're not my police. She has a right to not like Israel and I have a right to LOVE Israel and set her self hatered free. You just love the fact that she's a self hating Jew,, makes you feel good to think "Oh I can hate Jews with impunity".

For someone who claims they don't want to fight me.. you would be wise to not tell me what to do.. I THINK and ACT for myself, and don't need some self acting DP police to tell me how to act.

Why not go to nightly jam session and chill out.. rest your weary and racist mind?