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Comment: Guess I'm all out of laughs.

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Guess I'm all out of laughs.

because I don't see any humor in this situation.

Oh yeah, it's a 'joke' alright, but the 'joke' is on you and I. I wonder what the punchline is...?

I'm sure you were just trying to lighten the mood, but personally, I don't find any of this to be even remotely funny. While humor can be used to get across an otherwise uncomfortable point, it can also trivialize a situation. Cracking jokes and making pop culture comparisons isn't going to make any of this stop.

But hey, let's just keep laughing it up while more lives are destroyed by heavily armed, state-sponsored thugs with zero accountability. A real knee-slapper!

Nothing personal OP, but like I say, I don't find it funny at all. I'm actually a bit frightened that some do.

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