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I agree with you. Thanks for sticking your neck out. It's not easy on a emotional story such as this.
Paterno was thrown under the bus to cover up negligence and probably criminal actions of Pennsylvania politicians, PSU Board of Trustee members, the State police, and PA child welfare services. Why do so many forget that Sandusky was investigated in 1998 by the State and never charged? Why does no one blame child welfare services for allowing him to adopt several children?
Sandusky is a sick twisted individual and is locked up for life, where he belongs. The media and Louis Freeh by manufacturing a grand cover up by the President of the University and the football program have wasted an opportunity to educate the public on how pedophiles deceive not only their victims, but their friends and coworkers, in order to commit heinous acts on innocent children. If you truly want the public to understand child abuse and how it occurs in society, then you should be outraged at how the media has scapegoated a few bumbling administrators, rather than highlighting how this can and is occurring in communities throughout the country.
Just like with liberty if you want to change behavior and eliminate corruption, then the masses need to be educated in the subject matter in order to understand and address the problems. The media, enabled by the criminal Louis Freeh, have missed an opportunity to educate.