Comment: SWAT: Take All Your Expensive "Raid" Vacations to Hawaii!

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SWAT: Take All Your Expensive "Raid" Vacations to Hawaii!

Raid on an Innocent Suspect
Victims: The McCulley Family (Grandpa, Grandma & Grand Kids. Innocents. Wrong address raid. Then, it was followed by another wrong address raid moments later.
State: Hawaii
Description: In March 2005, police in Omao, Kauai break into the home of Sharon and William McCulley on a drug raid. They're tracking a box that allegedly contains marijuana, and believe it to be in the McCulley's possession. The McCulleys, who are home with their grandchildren, are thrown to the ground in the raid. Sharon McCulley is handcuffed and held to the ground with a gun to her head as her grandchild lays next to her. William McCulley, who walks with a walker and has an implanted device that delivers electrical shocks to his spine to relieve pain, begins flopping around the floor after the device malfunctions from the trauma of being thrown to the ground. Police have the wrong address. They erroneously raid a second home before finally locating the box and arresting several men for distribution of marijuana.

Source: Tom Finnegan, "Wrong House Bust Brings Suit," Honolulu Star Bulletin, January 12, 2006.

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