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Same reason I didn't vote for

Same reason I didn't vote for Romney, is the same reason I wouldn't vote for Cash. I considered Romney the lesser of two evils, but I had little in common with Romney and will not sacrifice what I believe in for a guy who sucks a little less. The lesser of two evils argument is actually a lame argument. The person admits the two guys are evil, but voting for the lesser one is fine? You're still voting for "evil"!

Does this mean they have to be ideologically pure? No. The argument that Graham will be the worst is correct, but Cash doesn't align himself with the liberty movement in anyway. Cash does NOTHING to advance the principles of liberty. And I'm not someone who only settles for a Ron Paul clone. If there's a candidate that doesn't completely support out liberty ideals, but his platforms move us in that direction, I will support that person. Perfect example is Rand Paul. And in fact, I look to support more Rand Paul-types over Ron Paul-types. Reason is because I know we're not getting people from point a to point z in an instant.

Cash should get no support from the liberty movement. I would never want to say I voted for Cash.