Comment: One more conversation will do it.

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One more conversation will do it.

All this nation needs is one more conversation. And I can prove it.

My friend Tommy has been asking me for years about certain 'NWO'-type things he's heard about. I either confirmed or corrected the facts for him, and in fact he only 'scooped' me once with the 15,000 Russian soldiers thing...

Until Snowden came along he was sort of a quiet prophet of truth - only mentioning certain topics in hushed tones. But when he asked me about Snowden and if it was true we were all being spied on and I said yes, it's true, a switch was flipped in his brain.

Now he's on a rampage. He told his landlord, he told the mailman, he told the girl on the phone taking his order for a 2pac tshirt. When no one else is around he tells his cat.

All because of one conversation.

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