Comment: Why the double standard on tyranny?

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Why the double standard on tyranny?

Is it just easier to start with women? Are they the pathway of least resistance?

Imagine for a moment if it were 2 men in this stop. Would the cops have snapped on their blue gloves and given the men rectal exams? Would the outrage be different?

NO one should go through this, man or woman, but it seems to me there would be more outrage throughout the country if it were men who were violated.

Also, isn't it interesting that the female cop was fired while the older male cop was only put on suspension, even though he was instrumental in the decision to violate these women. I'm someone for equal human rights and treatment. This isn't equal

One thing is perfectly clear. If this isn't stopped soon, you men are the next target of these invasive searches. So stay angry and keep fighting against this.