Comment: saying it's a big tent

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saying it's a big tent

doesn't make it so. if it was so big everybody would be in it. for starters it's a war party but so these days is the democratic party.

the amazing beauty of ron paul that i'm sorry to say rand doesn't possess is the crossover appeal, besides libertarians or republicans with libertarian leanings, independents, liberals, progressives and most importantly the youth all were drawn to his TRUTH. it can't be faked. it can't be half baked. it was the stuff of real revolution but it was shut down by the establishment. i'd love to see someone come along that could repeat threefold what he did, but i haven't seen anyone yet come close. best to keep spreading the libertarian message of ron paul far and wide and as he has said: anyway you can. anyway that appeals to you

until the debate rules are changed, the corruption eliminated and the reality that money rules the contest, the establishment with the help of the msm will pick and sell the winning candidate for prez. heck, they probably know already who it is.
i'd like to see rand remain in the senate where he can do some good. and i'd like to see more like him, and especially many more congressmen like his dad was.