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This is exactly why I say we

This is exactly why I say we are not even close to hyperinflation. Status as the prominent world reserve currency means there are an abundant supply of credit available to us. It is when that status fails, when other countries no longer have their arms behind their backs, when there is an a viable alternative to the dollar...that is when credit available will dry up, that is when a credit collapse will occur. You simply won't find a country such as our suffering a credit collapse, because other countries are nearly forced to lend to us. It is when all ouside credit ceases to flow in, such as in the case of Weirmer Republic, Zimbabwe, Argentina...where outside credit ceases to flow in completely, or to the point that obligations cannot be paid. At that point printing of hard currency begins, and value of all previously outstanding currency falls until it reaches zero. Deflation is the decline of the money supply, a collapse of the supply of credit. Hyperinflation is the complete destruction of the money supply (100% deflation). Hyperinflation is the paying of obligations with currency that is worthless (worth NOTHING), no different than a complete default on credit (deflation).

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